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Become Avon Representative
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Avon has many opportunities that they offer for just about anyone.  Here are the following options...

mark representative

     For just $10 you can start selling mark today!  Earn 40% commission on beauty products and 25% commission on non-beauty products.  Complete online support and training.  Enter your orders online for convenience.  Work around school hours, be your own boss, make your mark as a successful young business women.  Become the CEO of your own beauty business.  Special mark kit just for you that includes your training CD Rom, 20 magalogs to sell from, order book and a great mark bag.  Call me today at 1-877-650-4046.

Customer Account/Representative

    For just $10 to start, you may begin receiving up to 50% off your Avon products.  You may choose to buy just for yourself. may choose to sell to others and keep the profits for yourself.  It's that easy.  Everyone that signs up with Avon starts out as a representative.  Then, you may build your career from there.

Leadership Representative

    Recruit, train and mentor other women in the Avon opportunity.  You will receive additional cash bonuses based on the sales performance of your Unit.  Senior Executive Unit Leaders earned an average of $145,000 in 2001.  (earnings may differ)

Beauty Advisor

    Take advantage of professional training that makes you an expert in the fields of inner and outer beauty.  Use your expertise to convert free makeovers into Customer sales.  Only beauty advisors may offer the beComing line of products.


    Enjoy the benefits of having your own Avon-provided personalized Web page.  Manage your business online.  Your Avon online "store" is available for your Customers' convenience 24/7.

Licensed Avon Beauty Center Representative

    Open up a cart/kiosk in your local mall and carry the Avon products.  You will enjoy immediate access to new Customers and Recruits with your own Beauty Center.


    Help communities, organizations and charities meet their financial goals with Avon's quality products.  Increase your customer base, recruits, sales and earnings while helping worthwhile organizations.

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